Mamod's New Spare Website, Check out our wide range of Spares with Free UK (Mainland) Delivery on Order over £25.00

With the launch of Mamod™ second website we aim to keep this site always up to date and give our customers the best experience possible. We wish to do this by adding in every product possible for cheaper than any other sellers online as we make and ship everything from here in Smethwick so you can be assured that the items you receive are authentic Mamod™ Spares and Models.

What's New this week:

We are constantly improving our interface so that the customers interactions are always as easy as possible.


We have added to the site:

With Many More to come,

Any Recommendations please contact and I look forward to making sure this website is the best Mamod™ Spares and Models Site available


This week we plan on having all of our spares available on eBay and Amazon

However it will always be cheaper to come direct to the source


We Now Offer Mamod™ Servicing,

For a small cost of £25.00 + Price of spares used, we can restore your original models so that they can run again and you can get another generation of joy and entertainment again!


New Products that have Been added today are:


Happy New Year, we hope you had a great Christmas and new year and got exactly what you wanted. 

In 2024 we plan on releasing a wide range of new and modified models, beginning with a redesign of our Red London Bus, and many more to come.


We have now updated our servicing policy, the price of our service is now £35.00 for the initial inspection, and we have decided to discount all spares used at 15% of our RRP, so when you get your model up and running again it will be a little bit cheaper for you!

If you have any new suggestions for what we could do this year please let me know on or feel free to give us a call on 0121 500 6433 from Monday To Thursday 7:00 - 15:30 GMT, and 7:00 - 12:00 on Fridays.